1 day

So right now I’m pretty sure the last thing i want to do is leave. I want to spend more time with my family before we go. My wallpaper on my phone is my sister, Sophie, and today i looked at it and started crying. I’m going to miss my family so much. Especially my Dad. But I know its going to be a great experience and a trip of a life time. When we get there the first 2 week will be very busy. That will be good. I don’t want it to feel different that home. I want there to be routine like we have at my house. My mom said that there will be. Just because were in a different place doesn’t mean that we cant have it be normal. There’s that word again. My favorite word. Normal. And its not like i cant keep in touch with my family. Of course i can! Right when we get there i am going to call my dad! Well as soon as we get a phone card witch is going to be one of the first things. If any of you want to text me or call me tomorrow, we don’t leave till late at night so i will be able to answer you. And i can tell you guys when were about to go out of the country. So wish me luck. Off to bed. Thanks for listening.

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