Cape Coast

So this last weekend the students and I went up to the Coast for a couple of days! We stayed at this hotel that have crocodile ponds and great food and it was nice. We toured 2 slave castles. Elmina Castle and Fort Amsterdam. It was amazing! The next day we went on the famous swinging bridge that is 80 ft in the air! Woah! It was really cool even though some of the students are deathly afraid of heights but they made it through. Then after that we took a nature walk through the rain forest and at that point the rain falling on our shoulders made it even more realistic. Then we ended there at about 11 am and then headed to the beach! It was kinda overcast but still warm and a little sunny. The waves were HUGE! I only went in a little because in Ghana there are deadly undertoes and im too small to be able to pull myself out of one. Otherwise it was a wonderful trip and this weekend i have nothing to do so we are going to go explore some markets we haven’t been to yet! Thanks for reading

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