1. Dianne

    Hey Julia: hang in there! The first couple of weeks are hard, then you will probably settle in. There’s something called “Africa time” where you, in all your American timing, think things should happen when they are supposed to. Well, in Africa, it doesn’t work like that. People will fairly often, NOT be on time, or home, or anyplace you need them to be at a specific time. The way I dealt with it, was not to wear a watch! doesn’t excuse the behavior, it’s just the way it is.

    One thing I tried to do when I lived there is have one favorite moment of the day. Something that reminded me of who I am, what I was there to do, or someone who touched my life in a way that made it better. Let me know some of your favorite moments as you go through the next few weeks.

    Love, Dianne

  2. Jenna

    Julia it looks like your having a great time! I have been reading this a lot and cant wait for you to post more! Miss you!!

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